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Terry Miller.

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My purpose is help the
nonprofit sector by providing
a variety of free information
and tools...  

...and to help me find the right
regular job (Fall 2014) as well
as provide evidence of my
breadth for possible client
work, and
not least:
to provide myself a soap box!
The pages on this site are:

  • Download Materials - a variety of free educational materials, spreadsheet
    templates, and Power Point presentations, sorted by topic, intended to
    provide a free service and get the basics out of the way.  Later, I may make
    some information available on a paid basis, such as my book.

  • External Resources - this page is a list of resources:  other organizations,
    practitioners and resources to help nonprofits.

  • Special Comment - uproar over IRS' alleged ideologically motivated
    scrutiny of Tea Party and Patriot named organizations.  This special
    comment is like my Screeds page in that it is a combination of information
    and obvious opinion.

  • Q&A - users (you!) can send questions which I will edit (to generalize) and
    answer.   Some overlap with the Screeds page.

  • Jobs Search - an annotated page of resources for finding or posting a
    job in the nonprofit sector, particularly in the finance realm and Bay Area.

  • Who Am I? - my areas of expertise & bio / background qualifications with
    linked: c.v., list of formal public presentations, and a chronological summary
    of my client engagements.  

  • Contact Me - a basic contact form with space for question or comment;
    page also has a link that will open your email program to send me email.

  • Screeds - this will be where I blog my opinions on the nonprofit sector,
    regulators, watchdogs, the press and public opinion.  Opinions here and
    throughout my site are my fault alone!  Some overlap with the Q&A page.
Common Sense about Nonprofit
Financial Management and Tax Compliance Issues